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Analysis result

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Analysis and pricing


Total blood count with platelets (UAC) 250.00 сом
Reticulocyte count 150.00 сом
Blood type determination 250.00 сом
Blood clotting time according to Sukharev+bleeding duration 120.00 сом
Malaria (thick drop) 250.00 сом
Le cells (lupus erythematosus) 350.00 сом
Atypical mononuclears in peripheral blood 250.00 сом


Gastric mucosa smear for Helicobacter pylori 200.00 сом
Demodekoz 150.00 сом
Scraping on mushrooms 150.00 сом
Smear on flora 200.00 сом
Smear on the UGI 250.00 сом
Cytological examination of the smear 300.00 сом
General analysis of prostate juice 200.00 сом
Urethral smear 200.00 сом


General urinalysis (OAM) 200.00 сом
Urinalysis for bile pigments 100.00 сом
Urinalysis for acetone, ketone 100.00 сом
Zimnitsky urinalysis 200.00 сом
Nicheporenko urinalysis 200.00 сом
Daily proteinuria 200.00 сом
Microalbumin in daily urine 300.00 сом
Microalbumin in single urine 300.00 сом
Pregnancy test in urine 300.00 сом

Liver and kidney tests

Total bilirubin 200.00 сом
Direct bilirubin 200.00 сом
Thymol sample 230.00 сом
Alaminamino trasferase ALT 250.00 сом
aspartate Amino transferase AAT 250.00 сом

Cancer markers

PSA total 350.00 сом
PSA free 350.00 сом
CA-15-3 (mammary gland) 450.00 сом
CA-125 (ovaries, liver, etc.) 450.00 сом
Residual nitrogen 200.00 сом
CA-19-9 (gastrointestinal tract) 450.00 сом
RAR test (cervical cancer) 450.00 сом
REA(gastrointestinal tract,large intestine,pancreas,lungs,liver) 450.00 сом
HE -4 450.00 сом

Coagulation system

D-dimer 900.00 сом
Prothrombin time, PTI, INR 270.00 сом
Fibrinogen 200.00 сом
(H) APTT 200.00 сом
RFMC 270.00 сом


(H) Total immunoglobulin Lg E 300.00 сом
(H) Giardia antibodies total 380.00 сом
(H) Echinococcus IgG antibodies 350.00 сом
(H) antibodies to ascarids IgG 380.00 сом
(H) antibodies to toxocars IgG 380.00 сом
RPR test syphilis (microreaction) 200.00 сом
Antibodies to Hbs antigen 350.00 сом
(H) Antinuclear factor (ANF) (SLE) latex test 400.00 сом
Markers of viral hepatitis: A,B,C 1000.00 сом
Linear immune analysis analysis (LIA-MAXX) 1800.00 сом
A-CCP 900.00 сом
HIV 200.00 сом
The Reaction Of Wright Of Hedelson 330.00 сом
Herpessimples Virus 1,2 500.00 сом
Heddelson reaction 150.00 сом
IgG class antibodies to herpes simplex virus type II 380.00 сом
Antibodies of class IgM to herpes simplex virus type II 350.00 сом
Hepatitis B (Hbe IgM) 300.00 сом
Determination of HBsAg the hepatitis b virus (ELISA) 300.00 сом
Antibodies to hepatitis C 300.00 сом

Carbohydrate metabolism

Blood Glucose 150.00 сом
(H) Antibodies to antigens opistorhisov IgG 350.00 сом
2-fold determination of glucose 300.00 сом
Glucose in the urine 150.00 сом
(H) Glucose in CSF 150.00 сом
Glikozilirovanie hemoglobin 500.00 сом
Glycemic profile 300.00 сом

Lipid metabolism

Total cholesterol 200.00 сом
High density Lipoproteins 250.00 сом
Low density Lipoproteins 250.00 сом
Triglycerides 200.00 сом
Atherogenicity index 100.00 сом
Lipid class 1000.00 сом

Biochemical studies

Total protein CSF 250.00 сом
Total protein savor blood 200.00 сом
(H) Alkaline phosphatase 250.00 сом
Alpha-amylase blood 200.00 сом
Iron 200.00 сом
(H) Potassium 250.00 сом
(H) Calcium 250.00 сом
(H) Magnesium 250.00 сом
(H) Sodium 250.00 сом
(H) Phosphorus 250.00 сом
(H) Chlorides 250.00 сом
Uric acid in the blood serum 200.00 сом
Uric acid daily 250.00 сом
Creatinine 200.00 сом
Urea 200.00 сом
Remotely: ASLO 250.00 сом
Rheumatoid factor RF 250.00 сом
C-reactor protein CRP 250.00 сом
Albumin 200.00 сом
Procalcitonin 500.00 сом


Thyroid stimulating hormone - TSH 350.00 сом
Total Thyroxine - T4 350.00 сом
Free Thyroxin -T4 St. 350.00 сом
Triyodtironin total -T3 350.00 сом
Antibodies to thyroid peroxidase (TPO) 350.00 сом
(H) Triyodtironin Svobody - T3 SV 350.00 сом
(H) Testosterone 370.00 сом
(H) Chorionic hormone (HCC) predp. gestational age 350.00 сом
(H) Luteinizing hormone (LH) 350.00 сом
(H) follicle Stimulating hormone (FSH) 350.00 сом
(H) Estradiol 400.00 сом
Progesterone 400.00 сом
Prolactin 400.00 сом
Insulin 1570.00 сом
Atimuller hormone (AMH) 1815.00 сом
Lipase 250.00 сом
25-OH vitamin D 1300.00 сом
Homocysteine 1000.00 сом
Folic acid 700.00 сом
C-peptide(blood) 590.00 сом
Troponin 500.00 сом
Rapid covid test 300.00 сом